Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How I Teach Violin Lessons

After getting my bachelor in violin performance, I have been teaching violin lessons for over 16 years with all levels.

Regardless of my student's level and age, I always adhere to a strong belief that learning to play violin is not only about performing but also about enjoying music. And it is my role as a violin instructor to discover and grow the musical potential in every student.

To me, it's more, if not equally important, for a violin student to know how to enjoy a piece of music than how to practice it. I would also encourage and teach my students to prepare for various levels of exams and competitions, but I will only do so when they are ready and make sure those activities are not pushed at the expense of their love of music.

I am quite proud of my students' accomplishments when I see them grow, both musically, emotionally and mentally. I can't say that I would take much credit in their personal growth, but I do know that music has played an important role for them.

Let me share with you a quote from a student parent:

"My daughter started to learn violin with Lingling three years ago. Lingling taught her from the very beginning of holding violin. We are so glad that we have chosen Lingling as her first violin teacher.

As a mother herself, she is very patient to children and knows how to keep the kids going. She is very good at communicating with children. As a violin teacher, Lingling is not only teaching playing techniques, she is also spreading her passion and love for music.

When teaching every piece of music, she teaches bit by bit, requiring the kids not only being able to play, but also putting their heart and soul in to music.

We appreciate Lingling as a violin teacher and respect her as a musician.”

I appreciate the kind words from the parents of my students and enjoy teaching violin very much.

More importantly, I appreciate their trust and confidence in giving me such an critical role in shaping the lives of their children - by learning how to play AND enjoy the music from me.

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